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1/20 scale history and archive

Archive photos

During the existence of M-min miniscale category a surprising number of these rubber powered models were made. Most of them are lost and gone but some survived at least on photographs. As it would be pity if everything was covered by the dust of oblivion we would like to show these pictures in this section.

As exact dating of particular models is difficult, the memory is not that good anymore or some of the models lived for surprisingly long, its assignment to particular time is problematic. Therefore the gallery is divided into


Articles about 1/20 rubber powered scales

All materials bellow are available in Czech language only.

Title Source Type/Size Note
The first contest Modelar 11/1965 PDF 145kB The First Brno's contest of 1/20 scales
Brno's experiments Modelar 8/1968 PDF 108kB Report from Brno's fair place meeting
The big manoeuvre Modelar 7/1969 PDF 360kB Contest in Brno
Canadian CL-84 Modelar 10/1978 PDF 175kB Incredible Alfery's model - Canadian CL-84
First time together Modelar 9/1983 PDF 150kB 1/20 scales and peanuts together in Medlanky air field
1/20 scales contest Modelar 11/1984 PDF 190kB 1/20 scales - first contest in 1984
Drnec memorial 2001 RC Revue 11/2001 PDF 315kB Traditional autumn Brno M-min contest, taking place 16.9.2001
Drnec memorial 2003 RC Revue 12/2003 PDF 237kB Traditional autumn Brno M-min contest, taking place 6.9.2003
Openscale 2002 Modelář a modely 7/2002 PDF 731kB Report from international contest of M-min, M-CO2, M-elektro and oldtimers
Openscale 2005 Model Hobby Magazín 7/2005 PDF 913kB Report from 15th international contest of M-min, M-CO2, M-elektro and oldtimers.