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Adam Jeník: Focke-Wulf TA152H-1

First prototypes of TA152-H were finished in May 1944 and were used in service in March 1945. Airplane was powered by Junkers Jumo 213F-1 engine, reaching top speed of 742 km/h at altitude 9500m. The particular airplane built by Adam is Focke-Wulf TA152H-1 piloted by Willi Reschke in April-May 1945.

M-min model (1/20 scale) was built by Adam Jeník according to Petr Kolář plan. Model has wingspan of 722mm, it is 536mm long and weight is 50g. It is powered by Tan SS 8x 3,2x1mm rubber, 1650mm long. Model is built mainly from 100 a 120 g/dm3 balsa, spars and trussing is from 160g/dm3 balsa. Model is covered with light modelspan, finished with airbrush using acrylic paints Gunze, Hobby Color H in particular, decals are homemade using inkjet printer.

Model was introduced on OpenScale 2008, Adam is still fighting with trimming flights, but it seems to be in a good direction.

[Ruja from Adam's material]