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Rakovnik miniscale 2008 - May 31, 2008

Rakovnik miniscale 2008

Rakovník 2008

After last year, when second Rakovnik miniscale was organized and we first introduced Golden Age Cup we were ready for many new "old" models. (Just for clarification: models are build according to old plans, with no changes, the only change possible is the drive - use of CO2 or electric motor instead of rubber band. The correspondence with the plan is judged, not with the original airplane). There were not many new models, however the number of models in the air was biggest this year. Guys from the north came - Tomáš Vostradovský with family, Petr Onemichl, Petr Konopásek from Beroun, Radek Gregovský and Michal Křepelka from Prague, both with their families, Adam Jeník with family and as the last year Robert Pajas came on bike with model in the bag. We welcomed traditional attendant Ing. Štefan Gašparín with his colleague and Honza Vrba from Kladno came as well. And for the home team - Dáda Dvořák, author of this text.

As the weather was gorgeous and wind was calm in suitable direction, we could start from the morning, as modellers arrived. The first takeoff of Michal Křepelka from Rakovnik model airfield ended up in the fence. Honza Vrba, Štefan Gašparín, his colleague and Tomáš Vostradovský made nice flights with their tiny RC scale models – Sopwith Triplane, Ansaldo Balilla, two Beavers and ekranoplan flew around happy pilots and photographers.

After short briefing we started static judgement and the competition flights. The wind direction drifted models towards oilseed rape field. Adam even had to save his rapier powered bomber from the chestnut tree behind the club building. When we made semiresults, we got interesing numbers. Adam had one start, very good one, but he needed 22 more seconds for the first place. So he prepared his PT-19 and made 85sec flight - first position in rubboer powered miniscales. His time was measured by Petr Onemichl, who was thus pushed into the second position. The same situation occured in CO2 scales, where Michal Křepelka needed 32 seconds for the first position and he still had one takeoff available. But he made only 28 sec, so Radek Gregovský defended his first place. So easy afternoon became a drama. Golden Age Cup had the same winner as the last year - Tomáš Vostradovský.

This year we made some organization changes towards the evening programme. After cleaning the airfield and club building we moved to our cottage in Hvozd. There we continued in discussions over the plans and materials I collected in past years. Well fed modellers continued in discussion all night. And it was not dry discussion - Radek celebrated his daughter's first birthday, Michal Křepelka brought something as a new face (obligatory) and Dáda Dvořák celebrated his new job after 4 month of unemployment. So apart from beer we also finished two and half liter of whisky. At three in the morning, tired from Radek's and Robert's discussion about determining the size and length of the rubber band in miniscale model we went to bed.

I would like to thank to all participants and also invite all friends of small scale models to the next year. Thanks also to modellers wifes and girlfriends and my to family for welcome of modellers bunch in our cottage. Even our dog was so confused that he did not know who to bite first and left for the garden, where Tomáš Vostradovský junior was testing his new rubber powered plane.

Buys, hold on! (I can use this term as the only granddad on the meeting.)

text: D. Dvořák
photo: V. Chytrý, R. Pajas, T. Vostradovský

Results Results in PDF format (34kB) [in Czech]



RC-min Triplane in ...


in the shade...


and parking


the mood...


RC-min DH.2


Křepelka's šmolda b...


Martin XB-51 repair...


the box shows the l...




both WWI and WWII.....


RC-min Ansaldo


CO2 profesor, Mr. G...


Rubber node unfortu...


organizing the even...


Jakovlev heading to...


RC-min De Havilland...


Gregovský clean wor...


RC-min Piper


Sometimes you need ...


Sometimes the model...


Young generation


figurine maker M. K...


low pressure in CO2...


event finished


models smaller than...


Party at Dáda's was...