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Author of this web - Bernard Guest - is known for the MinimaketyCZ server readers as the organizer of special events attached to Openscale 2008, where for the first time in Czech Republic we will see FAC category models. Those models were introduced by Bernard in Introductory article. His server should be the center of FAC European events, so if FAC category got your attentition, check the server.

(in English) Web about jet powered models ( (Jetex, Rapier). The most important part is the discussion formu with plenty of threads discussing building, flying and problems of those models. Forum contains plenty of photographs of models in various stages of construction.

(in English) Mike Stuart's pages - the best source of inspiration for scale model powered by Rapier motor. Web offers free plans, usually in PDF format. If you want to attend Rapier Summit, this is the best place to start.

(in English) Very nice pages about modelling. Free plans for download, forum, beginners advice, misc articles about design and building, etc.

(in English) Peanut scale plans in PDF. From scanned handdrawn plans to well drawn CAD drawings.

(in French) French web devoted to peanut scale models - apart from photograps you can find the plans and drawings for some of the models (usually in GIF format).

(in English) Over 20 plans for peanut scale models, in PDF format.