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Rakovnické minimakety 2024


Pohár Jiřího Merty 2024

Mini RC scales

Josef Baco: Blohm Voss BV.215

Blohm Voss BV.215 could be spotted as Rapier powered free flight model, Josef Baco built it as RC miniscale. Model description can be seen in this contribution, apart from photographs you can also get the schematic building plan.


Gloster Gladiator

After finishing Bucker Bu133 Adam Jeník started to work on another beauty, similar in shape and proportions. So in our tiny model gallery you can now take a look at his Gloster Gladiator.


Sopwith F.1 Camel

Jan Straka seems to be devoted to biplanes, this time he built the model of famous Sopwith F.1 Camel.


Bu 133

Adam Jeník used his knowledge from peanut building and he built one of his peanuts once more, this time not as a rubber powered free flier, but radio controlled and powered with a few Watts. Take a look at his beautiful Bucker Bu 133.



One of the possible ways how to build RC miniscale model is to slightly zoom M-min plan and use ordinary RC equipment and motor/battery. That's the way Jan Straka used for his S.E.5a model.


FSK: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX (foto: FSK ©)

For start you can take a look at the small gallery of typical RC miniscale model, legendary Supermarine Spitfire, built from parts available as kit by Flying Styro Kit s.r.o.


Bleriot XI Monopol Pegoud

After galleries of classical RC miniscales for outdoor flights I would like to add the model from the other end of miniscale models range. Here every milimeter and gram plays its role. So here is my first functional (flying and stable) indoor RC miniscale model Blériot XI Monopol Pégoud, with wingspan of 40cm and flight weight of 28grams, driven by electric drive.


Felda: Peitenpol Aircamper (foto: Felda ©)

After success with Bleriot I built Pietenpol AirCamper, model of similar size and equipment. It photographs can be found in attached gallery.